The Singularity - a Science Fiction?

The Singularity - a Science Fiction ?

Speculative and Critical Design

The set - an abandoned place of worship on-board the starship Byzantium, spontaneously formed by a small but sophisticated network of people, awaiting the arrival of technology capable of transcendence - The Singularity

This critical piece unravels and amplifies current technological and social beliefs in today’s Artificial Intelligence community - that a technological Singularity will enable mere mortals to transcend to a new stage of evolution; from the timid concepts of the body, to a world inside computation.

Here, these technological beliefs are depicted in a fictional world using an imaginary B-movie science-fiction film set, to stage a narrative; one in which society already views AI scientists as deities and see’s their speculative ideas as scripture for the future, which has evolved over time into a religious order.

This piece examines layers of interlacing fictions, and the potentiality of narratives, weaving fiction, speculation and belief with non-fiction and reality.