Rock Paper Scissors - Sting & Peter Gabriel

Rock Paper Scissors

Staging and visual design for Peter Gabriel and Sting's Rock Paper Scissors USA Tour 2016  

In collaboration with fellow Students, alumni and tutors from the RCA we created and curated a number of different story elements for the stage’s fourteen digital screens, offering new and unexpected narratives to accompany each of the musician’s songs. Students drew inspiration from the graphic language of fanzines (fan magazines) to mirror the layering of the lyrics, music and personalities of Peter Gabriel, Sting and the musicians, and their radical narratives for songs that differ in pace, style and focus. The fanzine is also a metaphor for dynamic collaboration – creative people coming together to produce something on their own terms.

Experimenting with processes associated with music and publishing – rhythm, texture, collage, cut-and-paste and spontaneous expression – the visuals use and abuse digital technologies to put forward new ideas and forms of expression to excite the mind and the eye.